When things go wrong in Koh Rong

Sometimes, things don’t quite go as according to plan. This sentence pretty much sums up our three days in Koh Rong Island. Imagine white sand beaches, coconut and palm trees all over the place, bungalows and crystal clear water with fluorescent plancton that lighten up the water at night. This is the definition of paradise, right? And yet, due to unfortunate circumstances, we haven’t been able to enjoy this idyllic place as much as we wanted to.


We had prepared these amazing three days and booked a nice bungalow with sea-view thinking we would go kayaking, fishing and trekking around this beautiful and peaceful island. Unfortunately, I stepped on a piece of brick whilst embarking on a rocky tiny boat, cut my foot and fainted from shock on the first day. Not so great.

Too bad for all the fun activities and yay to rum and ginger ale on the terrace of our bungalow from 11 in the morning. We still got to see some pretty amazing sunsets, had awesome food and hung out with the most adorable kids on our last day.



In hindsight, Koh Rong probably isn’t the best island to go to unless you are after some wild hostel parties on the main pier. The bungalows are quite difficult to get to especially at night which makes it difficult to come back after a few drinks. The staff members at Reef on the Beach were absolutely lovely and made everything they could to help us out – including taking care of my foot and waking me up from my passing out moment – but the bad weather and a succession of unfortunate events made it really difficult for everyone to stay sane.


There are many more untouched islands in this area to explore but after three days laying down on a long chair not being able to enjoy the feeling of having my feet in the sand, we felt it would be better to leave the beach behind us and make our way to Siem Reap and the Angkor Village.

Before catching our 12-hour night bus to Siem Reap, we stayed in Sihanoukville for a few hours and were quite pleasantly surprised by it vibrations. Josh pretty much tried every types of street seafood as I was nicely avoiding the lovely ladies trying to give me manicures and thread my hairy legs. Our short stay was marked by a touching encounter with Chin Chin – or as he call himself ‘Butterfly’ – a 10ish years old boy who kindly offered us a bracelet each to thank us for being his friends.

We ended up drinking cocktails and coconut water whilst watching the sunset. Not such a bad ending, we must admit.



And for the pre-accident video footages and other cool stuff filmed and edited by Josh, here is the video:

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