Cambodia gone wild: the Eastern regions in 20 photos

Many people skip the Eastern parts of Cambodia, mostly due to lack of time after spending too many days in the South islands or Siem Reap. Slightly cooler and wilder than the rest of the country, the regions of Mondulkiri and Ratanakiri are a great transition from the buzzing environment of Cambodia to the slower-paced lifestyle of Laos.

These regions are known for their jungle, elephant and gibbon treks. However, because Josh and I were planing to do lots of trekking in Laos plus a one-week volunteering with elephants experience in Thailand, we decided to rent a scooter in most places and make our way to the waterfalls, volcanic lakes and villages by ourselves.

As always, the locals have been more than generous and caring towards us. We stayed in an Organisation for Basic Training near Kampong Cham where kids could learn English in the morning. Also, a Filipino school principal invited us to couchsurf at his house in Ratanakiri for three days and took us to the school to play games in English with the kids.

Meeting lovely locals, hanging out with the cutest kids and watching sunsets over amazing landscapes: this is exactly why we love traveling so much.

Organisation for Basic Training / Chiro Village near Kampong Cham


Dolphins watching in Kratie


Boo Sra Waterfall and local Coffee Plantation in Mondulkiri


Asean Bridge International School and surroundings in Ratanakiri


9 thoughts on “Cambodia gone wild: the Eastern regions in 20 photos

  1. Barbaria says:

    Just found your blog through the community pool. I like this post, especially the authenticity of pictures and really appreciate that you visit places which are not so well known as a “must see places”. Will keep an eye on your blog to get new inspiration for where to travel 🙂


  2. Jenny Stephens says:

    Definitely inspiring me to go back here some day. I was only in Cambodia for a week and spent time at the main tourist areas, like Siem Reap and Phnom Penn. But it would be great to get off the beaten path next time. Excellent post!


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