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The Flowing Minds explores the many different aspects and paths that lead to happiness and mindfulness; two profound states of mind that only ourselves can make happen for ourselves. I want to inspire people to be mindful – to take a step back, to sit down for a second and wonder about life, about love, about beliefs and about all the things that truly make us feel happy.

As Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn says, “our minds are like a river with thoughts and feelings flowing along”. However, letting the thoughts flow and avoiding holding onto them can sometimes be easier said than done. In periods of stress or sadness, our minds get stuck on repeat and we try to control everything – even the things we know we can’t. We idealise and hold on to the past; we worry about the future. We have enough to live well but still, we are missing something.

Sometimes, it only takes a small change in the way we live our life to let go of the negativity and start realising that right here and right now, everything is perfect in its imperfections; everything is meant to be.

Practicing yoga, meditation and spirituality in general alongside traveling extensively has helped me come to grasp with all these things I was feeling inside but couldn’t quite comprehend. Today, I want to share my current and continuous experience in happiness seeking with you. In here you will find personal posts, interviews of amazing happy people, reviews of inspirational readings and a lot more.


The Author

My name is Matea and I’m in love with the world and its inhabitants. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been an ultra optimistic person and I always truly believed humans were profoundly good. Of course, people can do terrible things when they are guided by their egos and fears – fears that are very much powered by our current society – but it’s never too late to apologise for our mistakes, forgive ourselves and do better.

My love for humanity developed itself even more when I started traveling. Most of the memories I have are related to the people that I’ve met and I’ve been deeply touched by the generosity with which I’ve been welcomed all around the world.

After graduating from my Masters in Arts and Communications, I’ve worked as a PR and a music journalist in Paris and Melbourne. Today, I want to avoid the 9/5 schedule as much as I can so I can focus on the things that make me feel happy: writing, traveling, doing yoga and volunteering.


How You Can Participate

If you would like to share your story on how you found happiness through spirituality, travels, love or else, please get in touch thank to the email address below and we can discuss a potential collaboration (guest post or interview).

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